Our house is @

302 West Ferry Road
In Yardley, PA 19067

However, because our neighborhood is weird, if you want to use Mapquest or something like it, use 242 West Ferry Road ... I checked out the Mapquest directions.  The “242” number will put the map on our house, but their directions are also screwy.  I offer the following suggestion.

From New Jersey

Go to Trenton by whatever way makes sense to you, and

make your way to Jersey 29 North (I think you basically skirt Trenton to the south on 195),

but when you get to 29 N and Hwy 1 S, take the US Hwy 1 Bridge from Jersey to PA (EZPass/toll). (The EZ Pass lanes are on the left, but you’re going to get off on a “right exit” immediately after the tolls on the PA side, so be careful.

Immediately after the toll, make your way to the exit (Pennsylvania Ave, Northbound).  This puts you in Morrisville, so skip down to that paragraph.

From Pennsylvania

Probably the best way to get here is to figure out the easiest way to get yourself on US Hwy 1 northbound.


The last exit in Pennsylvania is, eerily enough, Pennsylvania Avenue.  Take the exit and get on Pennsylvania Ave, northbound, which is a left turn at the bottom of the off-ramp.

From Pennsylvania Avenue, Northbound, Morrisville, PA

As you go north, approximately five blocks, Pennsylvania Avenue turns into Yardley-Morrisville Road. Continue straight and go four more blocks to Ferry Road ... West Ferry Road is a left turn.


About five blocks down, you'll cross Wood Street.  Our house is the next house on the right (just after Wood Street), it’s the second driveway after Wood Street ... You can see 302 on the support post for mail box.  It’s across the street from 227.

The address is 302 and it’s on the wooden support for the mail box.  DO NOT TRY TO NAVIGATE BY COUNTING THE ADDRESSESS.

If you need to call, the house is 215-428-2542,

And my cell is 215-901-5509.